Awards and Publications

Elizabeth has received many honours over the years including:

  • Finalist in the Holmes Art Prize for Realistic Bird Art 2016 and 2017
  • Mornington Art Exhibition 2012 – Best Exhibit – “Australian Lace Monitor”
  • Grampians Wildlife Arts Society Inc. – Best in Show- “Australian Lace Monitor
  • Finalist in the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize “Australian Lace Monitor”
  • Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc. 2010, 2008, 2006, 2002,2001, 1999, 1996

Publications include the Australian Geographic Calendar, children’s’ books, art publications and prints.

Elizabeth is involved with The Wildlife Art Museum of Australia (WAMA) project and vision located on a site in the Northern Grampians (Gariwerd), Victoria Australia. This is a very exciting project, which showcases wildlife and natural history artists in an Australian botanical landscape. It will be a platform where local and international visitors can experience the connection between art, science and nature.

Elizabeth is one of the artists included in the first WAMA publication “Inspiration Wild” (An Artistic Celebration of Nature and Environment). This book showcases a selection of nationally and internationally renowned artists.