Terra Quoll

Spotted Quoll – Mixed Media (Pastel, Acrylic Paint & Pencil).
Original approx 51.5 x 35.5cm.
For Sale – Prints available.

Mixed Media painting 51.5 x 35.5  of a Spotted Quoll  – For Sale

The reference for this painting was found in Tasmania.  To me, they are one of the mysterious creatures.  I felt like I was taken back to ancient Australia whilst painting this.

Spotted Quolls were once common in South Eastern Australia and Tasmania.  They are now threatened and endangered on the mainland and rare in Tasmania.

Open Edition prints are available from my website HERE 

The Gang Gangs

Original size 39 x 29cm
For Sale – Prints available.

The Gang Gangs

Mixed Media painting 39 x 29 cm of a male and female pair.

I have recently read that these Cockatoos are ‘left-footed’.  That is they use their left foot to hold things….  Apparently, this is a sign of intelligence.

Open Edition prints are available from my website HERE

Gang Gang

Mixed media.
Original size 31.5 x 20cm
Sold – Prints available.

Gang Gang on the Forest Floor

This is a mixed media painting of a young male Gang Gang.  They are an Australian Cockatoo, commonly found in NSW, Vic, Kangaroo Island and South Australia.

Like many other Cockatoos, they are fascinating to watch.  I sat for quite a while at Healesville Sanctuary in the Woodland Bird Aviary watching the intelligent and social behaviour of male and female and I know they were aware of me too.

Open Edition prints are available from my website HERE

Late Afternoon Rail Crossing

Just off the drawing board, “Late Afternoon Rail Crossing”

Mixed media on 51 x 24cm Aquarel Board.

FOR SALE – Prints also available HERE

Buff Banded Rails are widespread across the east coast of the Australian mainland, Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands, SE Asia, NZ & New Guinea.
Commonly found in terrestrial wetlands, coastal beaches, reef flats, sandbanks & mangroves.

Latest Work




Introducing my latest work. Major Mitchell – Cockatoos

The original is oil on linen and measured 28 x 22 inch.
Whilst the original is sold, limited edition giclée prints are available via my website HERE