Elizabeth Cogley Australian wildlife artist

Elizabeth Cogley (Liz Cogley) was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Her journey with Australian Wildlife Art began with stories and teachings of Australian History while she was in primary school and from trips to the Australian Bush with family and friends as a young child. The Australian Bush was an intriguing and an extraordinary place for her, filled with creatures, hidden and seen. You could probably imagine what a great feeling it was to be able to draw and paint the natural world she loved. On her journey, Elizabeth has grown to appreciate, even more, the importance of conserving our beautiful and fragile Australian ecosystems and, therefore, including the environment in her detailed paintings is always an important part of her artwork.

In the 1990’s she completed a Diploma of Art/Design where many other art techniques were discovered and used in her artworks. Elizabeth chooses mediums she feels appropriate to the subject. Depending on the environment, a choice of airbrushing, pastel or acrylic paint, or a combination of these is used. In each painting the animal or bird usually begins with layers of watercolor, then more detailed work follows in pencil and finally gauche. Sometimes texture mediums are used as well. She feels texture can highlight the beauty of a rock, bark, moss or even the earth. When painting using oil paint, oil paint is usually the only medium used. Sometimes texture gel is also used in these.

Many of the creatures in her paintings are of wildlife that have been rescued or have been orphaned. Others became the subject of paintings simply because they were an inspiration. To gather correct information for her artworks, she travels quite often with her husband, exploring different areas of Australia researching the local wildlife in its’ environment. It is very important that the environment, in which the animal lives, is well researched. So, many hundreds of photos later and many quick sketches and notes, she will have enough information to begin a piece of artwork.

“My Heart and My Soul”

The Moss, the earth
The smells of the bush
The air and the gentle breeze
These places I paint
And it’s inhabitants
All become real to me

I’m so grateful for this
And the love of the bush
To be able to paint
To live in this place
It is a part of me
It is a part of us all

Our heart and our soul
©Elizabeth Cogley 2015